Letters to the Editor

What can Clovis offer?

After attending the Clovis City Council meeting Dec. 18, again I was reaffirmed how some of the business leaders are out of touch with the reality of Valley folks in general.

Many are upset with Fresno State's Campus Pointe business plans. But, really what do Clovis businesses have to offer anyone who goes to the Save Mart Center for a concert? If a group of professors or students visit the university for a few days, does Clovis have any top-notch hotels? Does Clovis have any restaurants mentioned in Gourmet magazine, or the New York Times or any other famous newspapers or magazines?

It is time for Clovis to look in the mirror and re-evaluate itself. Shaw Avenue east of Highway 168 looks just like Blackstone with car dealerships and a Home Depot. Why would anyone go east instead of west on Shaw?

Steven Trevino Jr.