Letters to the Editor

'Don't really care'

Re the letter from Daniel Flores [Dec. 20] about the lack of response to his complaint about the lack of action by the Fresno Police Department on his claim of identity theft: My wife and I filed a similar claim with the police department in a Southern California city 21 months ago.

We contacted the police after filing the report with the Madera County Sheriff's Department. We were told we would be contacted by an investigator, which we were. We provided the investigator with the name and address of the person, who is a relative. We were told that he would get back to us.

We have not heard from the investigator for 20 months, despite repeated calls from us. We even provided the location of this person after we found out she had been convicted of another crime and jailed for three years. Due to the ID theft, we were forced into bankruptcy in 2005.

Police departments don't care about us if we can't generate money or publicity for them.

James Wagner