Letters to the Editor

'Pompous idiot'

So, Bono from U2 is upset with American politicians for not offering a financial commitment for his political cause. There are a couple of political leaders from France and Germany -- and Kofi Annan's son -- who experienced a huge financial windfall at the expense of the Iraqi people before Saddam Hussein was ousted from power. Why doesn't he ask those "ethical" leaders for some of their blood money?

Has Bono condemned those leaders for their greed and selfishness that effectively nullified the intentions of the United Nations resolutions that were intended to avoid the current war? Maybe Bono can pass on his next pair of spiffy sunglasses and donate the cash to his cause.

Does this pompous idiot have a political science, economics or history degree? Does he have any kind of degree? Maybe it was really Bono who ended the Irish Republican Army terror in Ireland. (Yeah, and Al Gore invented the Internet!) Maybe Bono, Sean Penn and Michael Moore can set up a meeting with Osama bin Laden and negotiate world peace. I think the Time magazine "Person of the Year" thing went to Bono's head long ago.

Matt McIntyre