Letters to the Editor

Bush still doesn't get it

Finally! President Bush concedes the United States is not winning in Iraq. Will he now join many others in believing what we face in that badly divided country is actual civil war?

President Bush adds that our army is "not losing" either. In a recent interview he conceded we need "a new strategy," which is quite an admission given his mantra until this week that we are winning and just need to "stay the course."

He adds that the election results indicate voters only want him to come up with a new way to win the war, not get us out of it. He still cannot see that Iraq is rapidly degenerating into a political-religious civil war with our occupation troops smack in the middle.

I find it extremely disturbing that President Bush continues to use double-speak to argue while we may not be winning, our army is not losing. This is not the issue. But his new emerging policy seems to be to increase our military forces worldwide while using a "short-term surge" of troops in Baghdad.

So that's what we voted for: to build up our military might while also putting more American fighting men in harm's way?

Schyler Rehart