Letters to the Editor

'War is finished'

Mark Thornton (letter Dec. 16) asks: "What will your children say about you?" I hope mine will say, "Gee, Dad wasn't as dumb as I thought."

Let's face it. Fox News is a complete laughingstock. At this point, no one except those who wish to be duped take anything it "reports" seriously. Interviews are cherry-picked, scripted, massaged, cleansed of facts.

Fox News is the shill for this administration's universally devastating policies; it is its propaganda machine, and deserves a quick and free ride down the trash chute of media history. No wonder our friend can idly contemplate a nuclear Armageddon. Except for the grinding death toll, this war is finished. We cannot win.

And finally, speaking of Ronald Reagan: It would serve to remember that, in 1984, four short months after 241 U.S. servicemen were murdered in the Beirut barracks bombing, President Reagan withdrew our troops from Lebanon. Some may characterize such an act as "cut and run," but it was by far the most courageous and patriotic decision of Reagan's presidency, and one for which this country remains very grateful.

Ed Miller