Letters to the Editor

'Have we gone nuts?'

I can't help commenting on a recent judicial decision to rule lethal injection cruel and unusual punishment for death row inmates. In an effort to come up with a few options that may be acceptable, I suggest the following:

Death by massage, bring in two Shiatsu massage therapists and apply a full body massage to relax every muscle until the heart stops.

Bring back the gas chamber, but only laughing gas can be used.

Then there is always "death by chocolate."

Have we gone nuts?

Death row is reserved for only the most brutal and heinous killers in California, even though Charles Manson is not on the list.

Considering who capital punishment is being applied to, people who have been convicted of having no reservation or hesitation to using some of the cruelest and most painful methods of execution on their victims, I find it hard to believe they can't stand the thought of someone giving them an injection.

As for not being able to find a doctor, Dr. Jack Kevorkian is being released in June.

Mike Reynolds