Letters to the Editor

'Who will notice?'

California halted lethal injections because a murderer in Florida "grimaced" during his execution. Death penalty opponents and the American Civil Liberties Union wring their hands at the thought of the discomfort he must have felt during his execution.

I chafe at the thought of what these same groups have done to the American system of justice, yet I wonder if his victim felt discomfort. We stand paralyzed, unable to clean out more than 650 death row inmates, while this minority argues themselves blue in the face over what is righteous for you and me. Activist judges write laws in a manner never delegated to the judicial branch by the Constitution.

I asked myself, "Who benefits from this state of affairs?" I am dismayed to say only the lawyers who get paid for our inability to follow the law as it is written and the murderers who scoff at their victims' families. We are robbed of the deterrent effect of speedy executions for those who clearly deserve it, as a result of the chaos they have created. Halt executions? What a joke! Who will notice?

Bill Ferguson