Letters to the Editor

Moratorium on growth

Re the Dec. 13 article "County backs bigger Clovis" and another 511 acres of fruit trees reduced to blacktop: It is the prime responsibility of the Fresno County Board of Supervisors to place a moratorium on the use of prime agricultural land. Every city in the county is spreading out. Soon Fresno County will be like Orange County, with all farmland converted to subdivisions.

The farmers want workers to cross the border, but one year on the farm and now they work for the county, state, schools and manufacturers, and the farmers again cry out for help. We now have 12 million farmworkers who cross the border; the farmers want more help and the farmworkers are working everywhere but the farm.

A five- or 10-year moratorium on this wild rush of expansion would curtail this need to change Fresno County from the agriculture we once knew to an industrial haven for cheap labor.

We need to hold the supervisors responsible to maintain our county as the "Fruit Basket of the Nation."

Quentin C. Unruh