Letters to the Editor

Inaccurate view

I am a Roosevelt High School student, and I am appalled by the recent letter [Dec. 12] from one of our own students. Where is the pride in her school and fellow classmates? Khaty Xiong talks about the lack of inspiration and that students don't care about their education, yet classrooms are full and teachers always have papers to grade.

If it were true that students are not being motivated and three-fourths of us are out of class, the halls would be flooded with students.

Khaty would have to talk to a lot of students to know that most aren't motivated. There are always students who want extra credit to help their grade or stay after school in teachers' rooms or in the library to study or get help on things they don't understand.

Khaty speaks of the administration not caring about the students, but if that were the case, we wouldn't be able to make appointments to talk to them or have a Principal-Student Advisory Team. We are smart, motivated people and her obscure view of our school just isn't accurate.

Caprice Lorta

Senior, age 17