Letters to the Editor

'Screams to be told'

Thumbs up to The Bee for the picture story [Dec. 16] of the Christmas decorations placed by the homeless. The mere fact that they feel any celebratory spirit is a testament to human resilience. Sure looks like they are having a wonderful time.

Now perhaps you can go back and take pictures of all of the tents and other inadequate shelters erected by all of these folks. That print space could have been so much better used to show their impoverished existence and the conditions in which they live.

How about publishing a map, like a guided tour of the homeless, and inviting all us better off folks to come down and take a look? Driving around there for awhile with the kids should stifle any whining about not having enough stuff.

It is a shame that while you were trying to post a positive piece, you overlooked a story that so screams to be told.

Dave Meyer