Letters to the Editor

Just enjoy Christmas

Why can't people just believe in a generic God instead of multitudes of religions, each insisting on cramming God into a box of its own making? But that is fodder for another opinion piece.

Right now it is the Christmas season, with its requisite fuss over whether to say "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays," whether to display Christmas trees on public property and so forth.

It is all so silly. Christmas has evolved into a generalized tradition and it should be enjoyed that way. All the Christmas carols are beautiful. Maybe you don't buy the birth of a divine Jesus story, but just think of it as a wondrous inspiring legend.

So get your tail out of its twist and enjoy "Silent Night" along with "Jingle Bells." I'm not sure of what is the reality about Jesus, but the make-believe is quite lovely.

Lena Lawrence