Letters to the Editor

'A better community'

I meet many people during the day in my business establishment. Conversation always turns to events in our city and throughout Fresno County.

It's my pleasure to speak with pride about our mayor, Alan Autry, and our police chief, Jerry Dyer.

Mayor Autry takes a special interest in homeless residents, concerned about their welfare in our cold weather; the educational needs of our area, including low-income families and their children; plus keeping a line of communication open with our governor in Sacramento.

Chief Dyer strives to rid our area of gangs and drinking drivers, covering all areas for our protection.

The successful outcome of their efforts is obvious, and we are proud to know that they are our leaders, in full command.

I join many others in praise of their work, and thank them for their efforts in providing a better community in which to live. I hope others will voice their opinion, writing words of appreciation for jobs well done.

Henry Acosta