Letters to the Editor

'Bible is very clear'

I wholeheartedly agree with Rev. Gordon M. Kamai (letter Dec. 14) regarding the article in The Bee Dec. 9, concerning the Valley Episcopal churches' break from the national organization. The issue is not about different interpretations of the Bible. Rather, it is whether the church will accept the Bible and its teachings or the skewed moral values of society as a whole to be its guide for Christian living.

The Bible is very clear in its teachings about homosexuality: It is condemned. Period. If a church believes that the Bible does not tell the truth about sexual perversion, then it must reject all Biblical teachings. If that part is a lie, the whole Bible is a lie.

I applaud the Valley Episcopal churches for breaking away from the national council and continuing to let the Bible be their guide. I am saddened that the National Council for the Episcopal Church has strayed so far from biblical teachings. In my opinion, they are on the verge of becoming just another social club. In fact, they may be that already.

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.

Loran H. Parker