Letters to the Editor

Story must be told

At the age of 12, having read every book in the house, I grabbed one my older sister brought home from school. It was titled "Inside the Third Reich."

I will never, ever forget those images. Babies used as footballs, human skin lampshades, thousands escorted into showers, only to be electrocuted by the floor mats. To name only a few. Haunting and unbelievable.

For what? Being born Jewish? Millions following one lunatic. Always, religion or the lack of religion. Who, I would ask incredulously, denies the Holocaust? While I am not Jewish, I certainly try to understand the people, as a whole, and what they have suffered. I wish I could find a copy of that book -- 38 years later. It deserves to be re-read -- by many.

Our young people know about Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chavez, but little of Adolf Hitler. And nothing about The Gestapo. I know. I've asked them.

Linda Marie Condry