Letters to the Editor

'Great friend to Jews'

I was quite upset at the Orthodox rabbi who complained about there being no menorah at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

This country has been a great friend to Jews and Israel for many years. Indeed, many political leaders who are Jewish were not elected by Jewish votes alone. Many Christians voted for them. The list includes Ed Koch, mayor of New York; Jacob Javits, senator from New York; Herbert Lehman, governor of New York; Russ Feingold and Joseph Lieberman, U.S. senators from Wisconsin and Connecticut. We have Jews serving as U.S. Supreme Court justices, and one was secretary of state, Henry Kissinger.

Let us also remember that five Christian U.S. presidents were great friends of Israel: George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and Lyndon Johnson.

I apologize to any Christian who felt insulted by the rabbi's remarks. I say this as an American and as a Jew.

Maurice H. Bank