Letters to the Editor

'Running the asylum'

This administration is driving me crazy! First, they decide that there is no civil war in Iraq, then hunger is renamed "food insecurity. " Now they are having scientists run all conclusions on the environment past their bosses to be sure said conclusions agree with the official position of the administration, regardless of the facts.

What is happening? This is an administration run amok. Thank God there are only a few more months of these idiots in power. The sooner they are gone the better. What we are experiencing is not revisionist history, as has been in effect in some of the totalitarian societies of eastern Europe and Asia, but revisionist reality.

There are reasonable authorities who on a daily basis advise this administration, yet they are ignored or shouted down. God bless 2008. Maybe then we can get back to the country we once were before the lunatics began running the asylum.

R.J. Underwood