Letters to the Editor

Shift priorities

Recently, my wife and I received a letter from our telephone company asking that we confirm a recent account addition. We wondered just what this could be. We called the phone company and discovered someone had used my wife's stolen ID and Social Security number to open an account.

We then called the Fresno Police Department. We were told, "Oh yes, we will call back soon." Five hours later, no call. We decided to call back. We were told that there are 25 others in front of us to get a call back and we should expect a call in a few days.

I wondered, why is it that the fastest growing crime in the United States has the least number of detectives staffed to that department? But on every street corner you can find a "moto-cop" waiting to catch a dangerous speeder or burned-out license plate light offender.

I understand that the police department works on a thin budget, but it has forgotten that its purpose is not to generate revenue but to "serve and protect" the citizens of Fresno. How about being proactive and training some of the officers I see sitting around waiting for speeders to track real criminals?

Daniel Flores