Letters to the Editor

'A gift from God'

I am a junior at a Christian school, and I think children are a gift from God. Christ's birthday is near, and that is why I would like to tell you why I love children and volunteer at a day care.

When children come they are like strangers in a new world and need guidance and care.

When a baby smiles at you, it is like a hug from God. When you volunteer to help children, the things you do for them are ways of returning God's love.

The things I do are simple: feed them, sing to them, rub their backs and smile at them. The babies don't talk with words but through their eyes and cooing. The preschoolers show their love by taking my hand and asking for help. When they call me teacher rather than volunteer, it makes me feel special, as though God was talking to me.

The choices we make in working with babies and children, and not chance, build their character and their future.

I hope people will volunteer, and if they have children, they will look upon them as a gift from God. Then they will share the joy I feel in volunteering.

Rachel Kruger

16 years old