Letters to the Editor

'Due recognition'

In response to Beth Najarian-Gileo [letter Dec. 10] criticizing Christians like Valerie Rae Hanneman [letter Dec. 4] for their just desire to see retailers simply acknowledge a "Merry Christmas": How hard can that be? It's ridiculous. Christmas derived from the Christians in remembrance of the free gift of life that Jesus Christ gave so that we could live.

Christians began to give gifts to others in remembrance of Christ during December when Jesus Christ was born. Why should it surprise or bother anyone that a Christian would want their due recognition for something they started? Don't we give recognition for everything else under the sun?

Why shouldn't the retailers at least recognize from whence their wealth comes from? Their wealth comes from all those Christians who shop in their stores who are blessed from God. Also, by the way -- Merry Christmas!

Doug Miller