Letters to the Editor

'Reality of revelation'

In the Dec. 9 article, "Episcopal parishes split with diocese," Anne Dudley-Ellis cites Prof. Robert Maldonado's many advanced degrees as supporting evidence for his fallacious claim that " ... the conservative shift at the beginning of this century in politics and theology that has set up the division within the Episcopal Church."

Any high school student could lay out the facts:

German, British and American philosophers and theologians, since the middle of the 19th century, have been attacking the reality of revelation as a means for truth, upholding scientism or materialism in its place.

The socially progressive era of the 1920s saw divorce and sex outside of marriage become more accepted and permissive.

The postwar era has been progressing toward increasing violence toward unborn children, infants and the elderly.

In the last two decades we have seen church leaders deny the Deity of Christ and use Grace to promote lewdness.

If conservatives seek to uphold the holy traditions of the faith and reason, as given to the apostles, then Prof. Maldonado is right. We are to blame for the divisions in the church and for the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the academy.

Rev. Howard R. Giles

Christ Church, Lemoore

St. Philip's, Coalinga