Letters to the Editor

'Learn to distinguish'

I'm a high school student who actually pays attention to politics. Here's what I know: Tolerance lies at the heart of democracy. America denies no citizen the right to seek political office based on gender, race or faith.

Yet a certain set of moral statutes has formed the guidelines for our country, shaping it from its birth. These traditions and legacies, important to our culture, should be respected.

When Rep. Keith Ellison demands to take his oath of office on the Quran instead of the Bible (the book heretofore used by representatives of all faiths), he places his personal preferences over the beliefs of the country he represents. Swearing on the Bible is not about religion -- it is about respect. Keith Ellison does not respect the American public or way of life.

Americans need to learn to distinguish tolerance from letting others walk all over our country. If we don't, we may soon find our country, like so many nations before it, in the hands of people who are not so tolerant.

Hannah Thomason

Age 16

Buchanan High School