Letters to the Editor

'The cure is knowledge'

Following a recent ceremony in Berlin, the first three rabbis to be ordained in Germany since the Holocaust recently entered their professions. This is a fitting turnaround after the Nazis demonized, vilified and committed genocide against Jews.

Germany and the German people went through a hell in the 20th century, as did the Jewish people. Part of their recovery has been to acknowledge the unbelievable horror that occurred and find a way to reconcile them to it, and ultimately to move on.

Even though the largest Jewish community in the Middle East outside Israel is in Iran, the mullahs of Iran have spent the past half-century vilifying and demonizing Jews and other so-called "infidels" (non-Muslims). Included now in the training of Iranian children is the incendiary notion that there was no Holocaust of the Jews.

Now is not a moment too soon for people everywhere to inform and help mobilize the millions of Iranians who can end the hateful, destructive efforts of the Iranian theocracy to vaporize Israel and spread ignorance throughout the Middle East.

Holocaust denial is not a political statement; it is a symptom of a terrible disease that kills. The cure is knowledge.

Mike Kaufher