Letters to the Editor

'Distorted' news

Sean Hannity of Fox News spoke with troops in Iraq. Every soldier -- to a man -- said Iraq is not nearly as bad as the media portrays it.

Gen. John Abizaid spoke at Harvard and said Iraq wasn't that bad.

I heard James Baker and Lee Hamilton and realized The Bee's stories distorted what they said, especially about ways they agreed with President Bush. Your newspaper along with other media organizations have not reported news but only politicized views of the news.

You have contributed to manufacturing hysteria about this war and President Bush that is crippling this country psychologically, when it must face a war that is mostly psychological. Radical Islam's weapon is making us quit -- quit winning this war and building Iraq into a democracy where people live in peace.

If we fail in Iraq, fanatics will declare victory as moderate Islam recedes. We will be forced to use nuclear weapons with millions dying in hours. And the world you complain about now will seem like a lost paradise compared to the world that will follow.

People ridiculed President Reagan, complaining about his policies. We don't hear that anymore. What will your children say about you?

Mark Thornton