Letters to the Editor

'A good neighbor'

Re "Gateway back for another go-round" [story Dec. 5]: Your article fails to mention that Castle & Cooke's Steve Krueger has been furnishing water for approximately 10 years, in peak summer times, to the so-called "quasi-rural subdivision" -- namely Rolling Hills Estates.

We are not afraid our wells -- we have one -- will dry up. This well does not provide enough water for the 350-plus homes and businesses in Rolling Hills. Castle & Cooke has never charged us for the water nor extracted any promises for its upcoming development.

We do maintain the well when we are using it, which is only fair. We are in the process of drilling our own new well, but it is sometime in the near future. In the meantime, I am thankful for Steve Krueger's and Castle & Cooke's generosity and being a good neighbor.

Jan DeWoody