Letters to the Editor

'On top of things'

The Fresno City Council is really on top of things. It wants the homeless out of Fresno. It wants to raise the utility rates. It wants neighbors to turn in neighbors for alleged garbage ordinance violations -- an ordinance that can only be for revenue enhancement because it won't make Fresno any safer or prettier.

Just look around -- sidewalks that need replacement, gutters that won't drain, mud being spread down the streets by streetsweepers, trees that need trimming or replacing and streets that need repaving.

The garbage bin ordinance is a violation of my personal property rights. I didn't choose these bins; they were forced upon me by the city of Fresno. I do not have the right to get another garbage service.

What a waste of taxpayer money: new SUVs, payroll and benefits for the garbage police. All to collect money to pay federal penalties that have not been levied yet.

These fines have to target the poor because it hurts the people the most who have the least. Maybe the City Council wants to make more homeless or force them out of Fresno. Members of the City Council have lost my vote, forever.

Richard D. Williams