Letters to the Editor

'Veil has begun to lift' on Turkish recalcitrance

The Armenian Studies Program at California State University, Fresno, deserves a huge "two thumbs up." Year in and year out, the program has educated students on topics such as language, art, architecture, history and culture. Thousands of students have benefited because of the hard work of the faculty.

On Jan. 21, the program will host a lecture by Taner Akcam, a Turkish professor who is credited as being the first to openly discuss and admit that the Armenian genocide occurred. This will be the first time that a Turkish intellect will give a pro-Armenian genocide lecture in Fresno.

The timing of the lecture coincides with the opening of the new documentary "Screamers," which features the tireless work and commitment of rock band "System of a Down" to bring recognition to and prevent all genocide from occurring.

The veil has begun to lift and the time has come for the Turkish government to admit and apologize to the Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians for causing havoc and almost destroying the culture of these people who have been in existence for thousands of years.

Sevag Tateosian