Letters to the Editor

Gifts that help

I would like to add to Judith Reposo's fine commentary [Valley Voices, Dec. 9] on solar cookers for Darfur.

I have given gifts to friends and co-workers of baby chicks, goats, water purifiers, cookers, items for small hospitals, seeds and shelter through a faith-based group, Samaritan's Purse, headed by Franklin Graham (Billy's son). I am sure there are a number of such organizations, both faith-based and otherwise, that you could give through.

We all have "too much" and do not need more gifts, so this is a wonderful way to give at Christmas as well as other days throughout the year.

The gifts can be in small or large monetary denominations you can afford. The recipient of the gift gets a card to let them know you thought of them, and our brothers and sisters around the world get the help they so sorely need.

Jacquelyn Smiser