Letters to the Editor

The same scrutiny

I was saddened to read the obituary of Robert Sanchez, the Fresno police officer who was killed when he drove into a tree while driving home in the early morning hours of Dec. 1.

Officer Sanchez served his country as a Marine and was an exemplary member of the police force. I don't know that it was a regular part of his daily routine, but apparently his last living minutes were spent in a bar where police traditionally gather to "unwind."

Considering the hazardous nature of police work, I find no fault with their need to relax at day's end. But I cannot help but wonder if our officers are allowed to leave these well-known "watering holes" without the same sobriety scrutiny faced by the rest of our citizenry? Perhaps Chief Jerry Dyer can provide the answer.

My sincere condolences to the family of Officer Sanchez. Please understand that my only purpose in writing this letter is to save young lives, like Robert's, by encourage whatever action is needed to avoid future occurrences.

Pat Stidham