Letters to the Editor

No bended knee

George Will reproaches James Webb, newly elected senator of Virginia, for not making nice with President Bush at a White House function. Mr. Webb is an ex-Vietnam Marine and a guy who has a take-no-prisoners reputation. His son is in Iraq. He spoke less than flatteringly of the president while campaigning.

Mr. Webb forewent the pleasure of meeting and greeting at the White House. President Bush, well aware of his politics, sought him out with what Mr. Webb believed was not an innocent question about his son's welfare.

George Will faults Mr. Webb for churlishnessness and disrespect, as if one should bend the knee to the king. This is still in some degree a democracy, a system in which our leaders aren't above our scrutiny.

President Bush should not escape the consequences of his record. St. John Chrysostom regretted that Latin doesn't possess a word for the virtue of anger because "not to be angry in the face of wrong-doing is a sin." If you're not angry at King George and his court, just keep shopping and smiling while Iraq burns, as if it had nothing to do with him or us.

Stanley Poss