Letters to the Editor

'Kill the joy'

I plan to go to downtown Fresno soon for the honor of admiring the City Hall Christmas tree. I do not feel that it is in poor taste, or a waste of money, but a testament to the bravery and traditional values of our city leaders, and a symbol that will bring the vast majority of the community together in the spirit of love and joy this Christmas season.

It takes courage to stand up to the politically correct minority who circle society like jackals trying to drag away and kill the joy of others and the tradition of Christmas.

My first encounter with political correctness occurred many years ago while crossing a horse pasture, and my opinion of it has not changed in the ensuing years. To those who follow its doctrines, I say: Bah, humbug! To those who donated their time and effort to provide us with this truly joyous spectacle, I say: Three cheers!

C.L. Cake