Letters to the Editor

Funds for space better spent right here on Earth

Have we lost our heads or what? The space station's mission is "unclear, future uncertain" (story Dec. 5). The adjacent article discusses week-long missions to the moon with a permanent base by 2024. That's just the first plan.

NASA gave no estimates of cost. You can bet it will be billions more when it is completed. The current incomplete space station was estimated to cost $40 billion and now has ballooned to around $100 billion. The House Science Committee staff chief says completion is more motivated by the need to satisfy commitments to international partners than by any compelling scientific objectives.

Have we found anything useful to this planet's inhabitants as a result of a moon home? Scientists always want to satisfy their curiosity. I think this does not provide a worthy cost/benefit analysis. Stop this nonsense and use the money for benefiting this planet's inhabitants.

Norman Bitter