Letters to the Editor

Fence no solution

The construction of a 700-mile-long fence at the Mexican-American border has begun. Our government believes this new fence will keep out millions of people who get into the country illegally. The fence will also prevent terrorists from infiltrating into the U.S.

I do not believe the solution to the huge immigration problem we have is building a fence. As long as there is such a big difference in job opportunities between Mexico and the United States, people are going to keep migrating north in search of the American Dream. It doesn't matter if we build a seven-foot wall, they will find an eight-foot ladder to get over the wall.

Perhaps I am wrong and the wall does work; it keeps immigrants from entering the country. Who will pick the crops? Without the cheap labor force that is greatly needed by agriculture, our food supply will be greatly affected. Only time will tell if the fence solved the immigration problem, or if it created more problems.

Moises Benitez