Letters to the Editor

Inspiration is lacking

The inspiration to learn and arrive to class on time at Roosevelt High School is fairly low. The apathy is apparent throughout the school, in our yearly state test scores and in the students' daily performance.

It is frightening and makes me wonder why. What is causing the lack of inspiration? Perhaps there are troubles at home that many students are constantly dealing with; however, they should surely exercise the idea of "parking their troubles at the door" and simply give themselves the opportunity to learn while they can.

I can say that three-fourths of the students of Roosevelt High do not care about their education. The majority of the students skip classes and hang out in the halls or out on the campus. Plus, more than half the time, the administrators do not take much action to prevent it. This kind of behavior here on campus makes me worry for the school, the students and their future.

Khaty Xiong

Age 17

Roosevelt High School senior