Letters to the Editor

Compounding the grief

On Dec. 7, Officer Robert Sanchez was laid to rest. For those left behind, life goes on without him. His untimely death has been extremely difficult to bear for his family and friends.

It is hard enough to grieve for a loved one, but it is much harder with the negativity brought upon the family by media, press releases and blog comments that seem to cast judgment on the way he died, rather than how he lived. Robert was a kind, loving and quiet person who loved life. He was a true hero who served in the U.S. Marines to protect our country, and served with the Fresno Police Department to protect our community.

During her grief, his mother, Eva, said to my husband, as he tried to console her, "I hope no one thinks badly of my son." Her exhausted being was still trying to preserve the memory of her baby boy. That was very powerful to me as a mother.

Our mistakes are not a sum of who we are. We are who we are based on the lives we lead and the people we love and touch during our time on this earth.

Anna Maldonado