Letters to the Editor

'Penny by penny'

I saw "The Nativity" movie recently. Besides the obvious religious purpose of the movie, what really stuck in my mind was the scene with the tax collectors.

It seems that after 2,000 years, governments still unfairly and excessively tax their citizens. The big shame is that our government is supposed to be of, by and for us. However, this has not been the case for more than 200 years.

Even today, our government will take our property and the food off our table in order to feed its appetite for power and control. Even though it won't take our children away, it can prevent us from being able to provide for them.

Governments require taxes to exist and protect their citizens. This is why our Founding Fathers established an extremely limited list of responsibilities for our government and an equally limited fashion for collection of taxes.

Penny by penny, our government and the corrupt and power-hungry people we continue to elect have eroded the founding principles of our nation and have become what we fought to free ourselves from.

Serafin Quintanar