Letters to the Editor

'Enough is enough'

Thank you for your editorial Dec. 3, "Crown jewel needs polishing." As the great-grandson of Sen. John Conness (1863-1869), I have been very disgusted over the continual delays and roadblocks to the needed projects in Yosemite National Park. When my great-grandfather helped compose and introduced the "Yosemite Grant" in 1864, I am sure he never imagined the situation we now find ourselves in.

I am not anti-environmental, but enough is enough. I personally started my involvement with Yosemite in the 1980s when I participated in the master plan. Most of the goals outlined in that plan have not been completed.

Are the environmentalists turning into obstructionists to perpetuate their own agenda and jobs? Time will tell. In the meantime, let's proceed with projects designed to keep the park open and safe. The original Yosemite Grant called for the area to be preserved for future use and preservation.

Richard D. Conness