Letters to the Editor

History repeats itself

Now that President Jimmy Carter has come out with his new book, "Palestine: Peace not Apartheid," where he, as a major player, points out the denied, distorted and camouflaged truth, all the unfounded "buts" and "ifs" on the Palestinian question must stop.

It's been said history has a way of repeating itself. To achieve their goals, people use different means and ways to destroy that which stands in their way.

The list of all the injustices and destructions of life is too long to mention. What is difficult to understand is when those who suffered the indignities of life turn around and impose the same on others. This is not an equation, but a reference to the end product -- death.

Yes, history does repeat itself. The 1915 genocide of the Armenians by the Turks to this day is being denied, distorted and camouflaged.

Yes, history does repeat itself. World War II destroyed millions of lives. As a little girl, I came face to face with death many times, but miraculously survived and narrowly escaped the concentration camps. I know what the Jews went through. However, I can't understand how they, as one-time victims themselves, can victimize others.

Nazik Messerlian