Letters to the Editor

Time to make peace

John Freitas' letter Dec. 4 deserves another viewpoint. There is a myth that the Jews stole the land from the Arabs. Every square inch was bought or won in a war started by the Arabs. Census figures disprove the claim that the Arabs were dispersed. The Arab population has doubled since the start of the Jewish settlements.

Israel, with only 8,050 square miles, took land nobody else wanted and made it bloom, while the Arabs, with three million square miles of vast oil reserves, refuse to recognize their tiny neighbor. The United States supports Israel because it is a democracy, a rarity in that part of the world.

After the Holocaust, the Jews refuse to sit there and be slaughtered by the Arabs. No Jew in the world would ever feel free again if the state of Israel ceased to exist. Where would they go?

It is time for the Arabs to make peace with their tiny neighbor.

Jerry Fisher