Letters to the Editor

'Gas price gouging'

Gas price gouging: There was no shortage of talk about it just a few months ago when gas cost more than $3 per gallon. From private citizens and elected officials, it was a recurrent topic. No one is talking about it now, but maybe they should be.

Back then we all heard oil companies were only making their "usual" profit margins. And how gasoline retailers were just making their "normal" 8 cents per gallon profit. And having been in the retail gasoline business twice in the last 40 years I can attest to the very "thin" margins retailers have to be competitive. It's flat tough!

Commuting to and from the Valley, and in my work, I now travel 40,000 miles per year. That affords many opportunities to observe differing gas prices. Right now, today, one can buy the exact same major brand of gas at 15 cents to 20 cents less per gallon than in Fresno. And it's only 10 minutes driving time away.

Whether it's the oil companies with their "zoned pricing," the jobber wholesalers with their "delivery charges" or some retailers "pricing policies," the bottom line is there is gas price gouging going on somewhere at some level.

L.W. Johnson

Shaver Lake