Letters to the Editor

'Notably lacking'

Did anyone realize that during this sesquicentennial we had another Valley pride marker as Fresno Community Chorus celebrated its 50th anniversary this year, performing a commissioned piece, "This Central Garden" by Bradley Nelson written for the Valley recently? See anything in the paper?

This organization works tirelessly to produce regular concerts and support the Fresno Philharmonic with joint efforts during the holidays and spring to produce grand works of choral literature. We pay dues to help support our organization and as individuals, the concept of payment does not exist.

Our payment is attendance and -- we hope -- notices in The Bee, which was most notably lacking. Dr. Anna Hamre motivates the choir to love music we never thought we would, and is working hard throughout the Valley to support and encourage choral music's continued growth in our schools. It was a wonderful concert. Sorry you missed it.

Cheryl R. Chandler