Letters to the Editor

'Real-life solution'

Every time I get to feeling there is some hope and compassion for our fellow humans at Christmas time, I read a letter by someone like Bob Cline (Dec. 4), who supports taking the possessions from the homeless, destroying them and turning these unfortunates out with no place they can legally stay or even use a bathroom.

His sarcastic "solution" is to let them live at the new federal courthouse. Adolf Hitler had his solution for the problem. So did Jesus.

My wife was homeless in Los Angeles years ago when she was forced to leave home penniless by a former husband who was abusing her to the point of physical injury. The only place she could find to live for several months was in an old car a friend (an illegal immigrant worker who was deported) gave her. She was working full-time as a night guard, and going to college during the day. She simply was not making enough to live.

Mr. Cline should try it sometime. Instead of sarcasm, give us a real-life solution: Hitler's extermination or Jesus' compassion.

Bill Warner