Letters to the Editor

'Cherish the memories'

After reading The Bee article on the passing of Porterville's Buck Shaffer [Dec. 5], I was reminded of how he, his Fabulous Studio Band and Sunkist teamed up in the 1970s.

Buck was really proud of his band and he knew he had something special: fine musicians and darned good high school kids. With that, he approached Sunkist with an idea that he and his kids would perform as goodwill ambassadors traveling the country, playing music at shopping centers and other venues representing Sunkist in a wholesome way.

It was a heckuva concept. Sunkist would get promotional exposure and Buck and his high school musicians would get to tour the country during summer recess. Sunkist management loved the promotional idea and for many years Buck's kids performed, earning the respect of tens of thousands of Americans. None of that would have happened without Buck's idea, his persuasiveness and his follow through.

No doubt every band member he ever taught will cherish the memories of Buck Shaffer. Those of us in the business community feel the same way.

Larry Beston