Letters to the Editor

Jessica's Law too broad

Sometimes I wonder why reading comprehension is always such a huge subject for school and tests. My wondering was put to rest with Gwen Smith [letter Dec. 2], in regard to the implementation of Jessica's Law.

Jessica's Law is a law that should deal with only child molesters, those who are a threat to children. I can understand not wanting them within 2,000 feet of a school or park. That's mostly reasonable, because children regularly congregate in those areas.

However, Jessica's Law, as currently written, does not deal with only child molesters. It includes all sex offenders. In terms that I'm sure some people will find easier to understand: It's a law forbidding those convicted of terrorist acts from living within one mile of an airport versus a law forbidding anyone convicted of any sort of felony from living within one mile of an airport.

As I hope people see, not every single sex offender is a child molester. "Think of the children," while useful, has been used far too broadly. Besides, where exactly is the money for the GPS tracking supposed to come from? Surely people like Ms. Smith won't mind handing over the atrocious amount needed.

Dylan Armitage