Letters to the Editor

'More credible'

A solution to the Iraq dilemma might be to request the Iraqi-elected Assembly to vote on a resolution whether the U.S. should stay or leave as soon as possible. If they vote for us to stay, we would do so until they vote for us to leave. If they vote for us to leave, we would do so within six months.

This proposal has several advantages:

It gives real meaning to our claim of establishing democracy in Iraq. Their elected assembly would vote.

It would strengthen the assembly's credibility and power among Iraqis themselves.

It would put to rest the claim by some Iraqis and other Middle Eastern people that the U.S. is an occupying power interested only in oil.

It would provide the U.S. with a reasonable basis either for staying or leaving, and this would make our policy in Iraq more credible and acceptable to the American people.

Roger D. Chittick