Letters to the Editor

'Wasting my money'

What planet does the Fresno City Council live on? Tell them to come back to planet Earth and get a grip on reality.

Don't they know that just as a business prospers with good management, so does a city? Instead of wasting $120,000 of hard-earned taxpayers' dollars to bolster Fresno's reputation, pay the police, firefighters or teachers more with it. This stupidity ranks right up there with the garbage police and triple-decker houses.

No wonder we are the brunt of jokes around the nation. I'm sure the marketing company, Astone, will fail to mention the 8,000 gang members we have, or the murders, mayhem and meth labs. The only true thing they could say is that Fresno is close to nice places, like Yosemite.

Give me a break and stop wasting my money!

Halaine Steeley