Letters to the Editor

Campus Pointe questions

For more than a year, the Clovis Chamber of Commerce has challenged Campus Pointe, the commercial development planned for California State University, Fresno, and welcomes The Bee on board.

In his commentary Nov. 27, Dr. John Welty, president of Fresno State, can't understand the criticism of Campus Pointe. He exclaims that hotel internships and work with seniors by gerontology students qualify it as an educational effort.

However, he spends more time extolling the revenue-generating facets of Campus Pointe, whose profits will be used "as a component of the Save Mart financing plan" -- for debt service of the center's bonds.

The impact on surrounding businesses by this taxpayer-subsidized commercial development cannot be understated. We believe in competition, but not when it's unfair.

But the bigger question is this -- Fresno wants to stop the "brain drain" from the area and attract knowledge workers. And yet the largest educational institution in town is using valuable educational land for a hotel and theater. Why not a partnership with a research company or technology lab that would help reverse the brain-drain void?

Is Campus Pointe for education or to save the Save Mart Center? The questions still haven't been answered.

Fran Blackney

Clovis Chamber of Commerce