Letters to the Editor

Story needs a follow-up

On July 22, The Bee reported that Fresno Police Department officer Alfred Campos' home was raided by police. There they found "2.8 pounds of crystal meth and $75,000." Officer Campos was placed on unpaid leave pending an internal investigation.

Having worked for a criminal defense attorney, I can tell you from personal observations that law enforcement, in handling drug cases, will seize the "suspect's" property, including cars and items of high dollar value pending completion of the investigation. Apparently there is a double standard for law enforcement officials. And apparently this newspaper has no intent on following up the story.

What conclusions did the police department's investigation reveal? Has anyone been convicted? Whatever happened to Officer Campos and his status as a Fresno police officer? Is he back on the streets?

Such an apparent double standard only casts further doubt on Chief Jerry Dyer's commitment to cleaning up his department.

Samantha Beaza