Letters to the Editor

'Canned hunting' is a sickening parody of sport

What kind of human being buys a tame bear (named Cubby), traps him inside a fenced enclosure and then proceeds to hunt him down, kill him and have him stuffed? This happened in August at a wildlife "photography" center in Minnesota and was under the guise of "hunting." What a fair fight! What a sportsman! What a hero!

This humanitarian is country western singer Troy Lee Gentry, with the aid of wildlife photographer and hunting guide, Marvin Greenly. This is just one example of a horrific practice known as "canned hunts," which confine tame and wild animals in enclosed spaces, allowing their slaughter at close range for trophies or entertainment. This is about as sporting as shooting a puppy in a pet store window.

Please call or write your elected officials urging them to support the Sportsmanship in Hunting Act, which would eliminate this sick practice. For help, visit the Humane Society's website at www.hsus.org or www.fund.org.

Norma Henwood