Letters to the Editor

'He had no knowledge'

My sympathy and prayers for Robert Quiroz on the tragic death and loss of his son, Roman. It is very hard to know how long the trauma of the death of his wife will affect him, and the loss of his child, plus whatever past trauma he has from being in a war zone.

The arms of a baby are very fragile and it is very hard to put sleeves on a newborn. Once a person has a mishap, the harder they try to be careful usually makes a bigger mistake, in this case a tragedy.

According to The Bee Nov. 21, one month after the death of Mr. Quiroz's wife, his sister-in-law tells him it's time for him to take care of his children.

As a young man who had been away during the first child's babyhood, he had no knowledge of how to care for a baby.

My sincere sympathy to this young person who was making an extreme sacrifice, giving up his family while being in Iraq. Freedom is not free.

Rev. Dora S. Gonzales