Letters to the Editor

Key to teaching

Kudos to Eddie Jimenez for his support of teachers. Mr. Jimenez correctly asserted (column Nov. 27) that classroom management is vital to successful teaching, and he used the profound testimony of teacher Brooke Tinnin as a catalyst.

I am an experienced school teacher. I know that, though knowledge is a powerful tool in teaching, the ability to manage the class determines whether students learn the material or allow it to evaporate. Students in a controlled environment are like cinders in the forest. Their minds are ready to ignite a powerful learning experience, but how can they enjoy the blessings of learning if they are not managed? Chaos persists, unless order is the benchmark of learning.

Where does management begin and end? With respect for one's self, the class and the teacher. I am convinced the teacher must delineate clear and reasonable expectations for conduct early and often. Then students will generally comply. The learning experience will be aloft with mastery of the subject matter, and students will be satisfied that the experience can and should be duplicated.

Classroom management is the key to successful teaching. Thumbs up to Mr. Jimenez for his powerful reminder.

Douglas W. Sherfy